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For over 25 years, AirMaster cooling units distributed by Ryan Refrigeration have been the choice of successful mushroom growers in the USA. Designed and built by people in the commercial cooling industry that know the demands of specialty cooling such as mushrooms. From cold, winter days to the hot days of production, AirMaster units have handled the tough requirements of the mushroom industry.

We have now taken this technology and applied it to the cannabis industry. The commercial growing of cannabis faces many of the same challenges that mushroom growers face. High heat loads, humidity control, heating requirements in cold weather areas, CFM air movement and a need for capacity control are issues growers need help maintaining. You now have an industrial grade unit built for your conditions.

GrowMaster is a complete package unit. Installation is easy, cfm can be varied and hot water heat is available. The unit has two complete, independent systems in one cabinet for reliability, capacity control and safety. GrowMaster goes beyond the ‘tag’ of a commercial unit. It is an industrial built unit designed to last well beyond those “light commercial” units. Ask us about GrowMaster!



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